Become a Run Champion!

Want to encourage others to run? Become a Run Champion for Run Wales.

As a Run Wales Champion, you will promote social running opportunities within your area.

Ideally, you’ll need to be:

  • passionate about running and sharing your experience and knowledge with newcomers to the sport
  • communicating with a range on individuals
  • a good team builder
  • understand the benefits of social (recreational) running and the importance of providing opportunity for all.
  • Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) qualified

What you will do:

  • support and encourage individuals to join or form social running groups in the community.
  • share the Run Wales objectives at local events- such as Cardiff 10K, Cardiff Half Marathon
  • advocate the LiRF programme and identify local champions to become Run Leaders (undertake Leadership in Running Fitness training).
  • inspire and motivate individuals to join the Run Wales network for support.
  • establish a list of running opportunities in the area for participants
  • encourage more people to become Run Champions for Run Wales

How much time will it take?

This role, in most cases will take between 1-2 hrs a week, mainly in the evenings and weekends, with additional time if attending specific events.
What you’ll get out of it?
The satisfaction of knowing that you are inspiring, supporting and motivating women, who many not normally participate, from your area to access walk to run opportunities

We’ll provide you with;

  • Run Wales Leaders’ T-shirt
  • Support from Run Wales team
  • Access to resources

Interested? Get in touch with us…