Don’t run before you can walk…

May the 1st marks the launch of National Walking Month, and we think that this is the perfect opportunity to get the people of Wales out and about.

As our name suggests (Run Wales), our ultimate goal is to encourage and support all adults in Wales to run, but we also appreciate that you have to start somewhere, which is why this month we will also be encouraging you to get walking.

In addition to motivating you to run, throughout the month of May we will be highlighting local walking events that you, your friends and /or family can take part in, along with tips to make walking a permanent part of your daily routine.

We’d love you to get involved on social media by sharing your walks, your favourite walking (or running) routes and any advice you might want to offer your fellow human being to help us all to get a step closer to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Get involved on Twitter (@runwales) and Instagram (RunWales) using the hashtags #walktorun #CerddedErMwynRhedeg #irunwales #rwynrhedeg and ‘Like’ us on Facebook to share with us your stories.