We’re already aware of the benefits of running in a group, and we have over 50 registered informal and social running groups delivering fun, friendly, supportive sessions for all runners across the country.

However, you may find no provision in your area and would therefore like to establish your own social running group. If so, let us support you….

Nicola created her own running group
Mike runs a running group

The first question to ask yourself is ‘could I inspire others to run?’

We believe that if you are:

  • passionate about running and want to share your enjoyment
    with others
  • part of a community organisation who see the benefits in getting people fit, active and enjoying themselves through walking, jogging, and running
  • part of an athletics club, and want to make specific ‘beginner friendly’ provision for people in their area or wishing to attract
    potential new members
  • an individual, group of friends or colleagues who see the
    benefits and enjoyment that running brings to your life and
    wish to share with others
  • someone who would love to run with others you could be the perfect person to set up a running group and share your enthusiasm and love for running with others!