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(17/03/2017) - ‘Do you know Tom?’ My friend Vicky asked. I didn’t know Tom but my ears had perked up with the words running and endurance challenge that had come before his name. ‘I’d like to meet Tom!’ I said. And I did on one of the strangest Friday afternoons of my life. I say strange because … Continue reading "Do you know Tom?"
(09/03/2017) - #BeBoldForChange Be bold for change they said to me Which seemed easy for them with their slogan tops and skinny capris. Be bold for change they shouted out If only they understood, the self-loathing, the doubt You see, I’m not a runner I whispered back I’m wobbly and chubby and my legs are too fat … Continue reading "#BeBoldForChange"
(30/11/2016) - When I started running it was about putting one foot in front of the other. It was about moving my body, covering the distance, well, actually it was all about not sounding like a breeding hippo, but my objective was to get around the oval without stopping. Then to get to a mile, without stopping, … Continue reading "A- Z OF RUNNING: I is for Irritable Pace Syndrome"
(11/11/2016) - Superheroes come in many different forms these days. And everyone has their own version of a hero. Hayley Edwards from Blaina near Abertillery is one of mine. I first came across the pictures of Hayley, like I come across most things these days; on social media. I’m not sure whether it was because we had … Continue reading "A-Z Of Running: H Is For Hayley The Hero"
(11/10/2016) - I think we don’t talk enough about guilt when it comes to running, or we do, but we misunderstand it. Take for instance your first thought with regards to guilt and its place within running? What is it? As a non-runner I would have thought guilt came in the form of not spending enough time … Continue reading "A-Z of Running: G is for Guilt"
(03/08/2016) - I recently had an email off a lady who thanked me for writing about friendship in No run Intended.
(20/07/2016) - I talk about running. In fact, I talk about running a lot. And it’s probably partly because it’s changed my life, and partly because if I didn’t talk about running, I could only converse with people about the latest swear word in my toddler’s vocabulary.
(29/06/2016) - I was all set to write about epiphany’s when it came to E. I mean, it’s no secret that running clears the mind, open’s the gates, channels the thoughts so it should be of no surprise that most epiphany’s actually come from runners
(12/05/2016) - On Sunday I attended a Leadership in Running Fitness course provided by Welsh Athletics. I’m a runner, *she says reluctantly* I Love running, I like to inspire people to run so, naturally, the leadership course just seemed like the obvious next step.
(20/04/2016) - Three times this week I’ve been referred to as an inspiration, and don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m not partial to a compliment, after all, who isn’t? But I just can’t work out why, I, little old me, is being labelled as such.

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