Just Move

A group of ladies in the Llandrindod Wells area have dug out their trainers and started a walk to run group.

Following funding support from Sport Wales (Kick Start Fund) and backing from Welsh Athletics through the Run Wales Social Running Programme a group of local ladies have become empowered to start their own beginners running group in an area were provision of this sort was scarce.

The aim of the group is to inspire, encourage and support women in the area to get active for fun, friendship and fitness in a social, safe and supportive environment. The group started on their journey at the beginning of September and have up to 70 members ranging from 18 years old to 73.

As a result of the support provided by Run Wales, Just Moves have upskilled 8 local champions from the area in Leaders in Running Fitness who lead and support the women every step of the way.

The aim of the group is to follow a 10 week programme to gain fitness and confidence to be able to complete a 5k run.

Following the 10 week programme the group will support and motivate a new cohort of women for the 2nd 10 week programme. The ladies from the 1st group have now completed they’re 10 weeks and are now inspiring and supporting the new women on their 10 week course which started on January 11th 2016. The aim of Just Moves is to make a real contribution to changing the behaviour of women in the area; getting them active and maintaining that level of activity for the future.

All these ladies can be seen walking and running in the area on a Monday night, with up to 80 of them regularly attending by now. Just Moves have attracted interest and support from many in the community, and as a result the group has recently received substantial support from the Metropole Hotel and Spa (a key businesses in the area) who pledged to sponsor some running apparel for the women and to host there presentation evenings.

Just moves have their own Facebook group, and regularly posts their successes and achievements, and quotes like these…

“Hi all, another fab night, thanks for all the support”

“Look what I did today! Don’t get to excited it was only the Junior 5k mud run but I finished in under 45mins with a smile on my face. Couldn’t have done that without Margaret Trainor and just moves group.”

“Well chuffed managed 3.12 miles in 42.35 minutes tonight!”

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