Run Bont – Running in the Rain

I am periodically looking out of the window watching the rain lash down and listening to the wind howl outside the door.

I keep thinking I should have dragged my back side out of the door this morning when it was dry but last night was Super Bowl Sunday and tonight is Run Bont; a local social running group, a social group I kick started none the less. This is the time where I have to pull on the big girl running pants and suck it up!
Run Bont took it's first tentative steps on the 9th of January 2017. Yes, a whole 5 weeks ago and already it is kind of starting to feel like it has always been there. Run Bont was born out of my lack of driving ability and lack of any sort of supportive group within running distance at this time of year. Coupled with being fairly new to the area and the dark lonely nights I felt there was a gap locally to be filled; filled with running friends. A little group who can look out for one another and support each other to reach running goals, whether that be to start from scratch or improve on what they have already accomplished and with this I am reminded of why I should get my act together and my ass out the front door! After all, this group is capable of great things having already gained air time drawn by interest from S4C's popularĀ Heno programme (click link to view) and with the support of Run Wales, the social offshoot of Welsh Athletics, the sky's the limit for Run Bont and the mean streets of Pontarddulais is where the magic happens. It's more epic than a Rocky montage!
I guess with the weather as it is there is currently no need to wash my hair and skins waterproof... and I am all out of excuses. I can't wait to see who else is ready to brave the rain and get ready to release their inner child!
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to run in the rain...

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