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(18/04/2017) - The carb load is an important part of any marathon training cycle. Get it right and you will have enough energy to see you through your 26.2 race, get it wrong and you may struggle. Worse than struggle…. it can ruin your race! VLM 2014 was my first attempt at a marathon. I was worried … Continue reading "Carb loading for the Marathon"
(06/04/2017) - It’s that time of year where lots of us will be deep into our marathon training. It’s only a few weeks until The London Marathon and I’m happy to say my training has gone well. I’m very tired at the moment but a good taper should help me absorb all the past 3 months training … Continue reading "Trust in the Taper"
(13/03/2017) - So, we all run. We all enjoy it. However, we all know running can bring on a sudden urge to ‘go to the loo’ – even Paula Radcliffe got caught short! A visit to the toilet is a pre-race necessary and MUST be done. There’s no pain like ‘that pain’ when your stranded a few … Continue reading "Toilets Issues!"
(22/02/2017) - I recently read a Facebook post that sparked a thought for my next blog… ‘Different running goals & motivations’. What drives us? What gets our competitive side going? What goals do we have? What gets us out of the front door day after day? What do we want from our running journey…? Do we even … Continue reading "Running goals & motivations"
(26/01/2017) - With road running usually dominating my training it’s been a refreshing change to start some off-road trail runs with my friend Jake. He’s a big fan of the off-road stuff and recently I’ve found out why. With us both building back our fitness after time off from injuries and illness, we have both got stuck … Continue reading "Night time trail runs"
(11/01/2017) - Happy new year runners! I hope 2017 brings plenty of happy running your way! No injuries, lots of PB’s and big smiles along the way. I love running. I think running is the best thing in the world for keeping in shape and it brings out your competitive side too – whether against yourself, the … Continue reading "Running Inspirations"
(19/12/2016) - It’s cold, it’s dark and it’s that time of year that us runners turn into creatures of the night! The sun goes down and the streets plunge into darkness…. so, what do us runners do? Sit at home with a cup of coco? No chance! We put on our running gear and go for a … Continue reading "Staying Safe During the Winter"
(09/11/2016) - The buzz of the finish line is well and truly the best buzz of them all but our journey to that line can have all sorts of strange and weird things happen along the way, from hearing the starting gun whilst sat on the port aloo to sprinting over the finishing line missing a shoe, … Continue reading "Want a giggle? Keep reading …"
(26/10/2016) - It’s that time of year again when blokes grow their facial hair and have a bit of fun all in the name of spreading awareness of men’s health. Prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention are all areas that the Movember Foundation specialise in. Some men struggle with such issues and sometimes these subjects … Continue reading "Men’s Health Day / Movember …. Grow the ‘Mo’ to be a bro!"
(03/08/2016) - If you’re a runner, no doubt at some time during your running journey you will unfortunately find yourself side-lined through injury. Whether it’s a long term injury or just a niggle that won’t go away, time off from your running routine will happen eventually.

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