Running Awards

This year, marks the first year that Run Wales will have it’s own category in the 2016 Welsh Athletics National Awards and we’re looking for Run Wales Social Group of the Year.

Run Wales is Welsh Athletics social running programme and has been developed to ‘inspire, encourage and support every adult in Wales to run. Running is free, and everyone can do it! To us every effort counts and no jog is too small – we are here to celebrate people and groups who run, jog and walk their way to a more active lifestyle.

And what better way to celebrate success than through giving social running groups the opportunity to be awarded for all their efforts. This year, Run Wales has its own category in the 2016 Welsh Athletics National Awards and we’re looking for Run Wales social Group of the Year.

Across Wales; from small villages to towns and cities there are groups who run together. They run the hills, the coast, the parks and the pavements of Wales and offer everyone the opportunities, regardless of abilities, to walk, jog and run in a safe and friendly environment.

Some are incredibly sociable, some raise money for charity, some just do a superb job of getting people active and keeping them that way. So, if you think your group deserves recognition this year, tell us all about it!

Here’s how:
Group of the Year Criteria listed below:

Nominations in this category can come from any Welsh Athletics unaffiliated social/recreational running group.

The award might give recognition to:

Groups that engage with a broad range of participants in their community, giving them the opportunity to walk, jog, run in a safe and supportive environment.

Groups that have worked to engage under-represented groups.

A group that has provided opportunities for members to benefit from specific training, such as; Leadership in Running Fitness, Coach in Running Fitness, First Aid or any other relevant training.

How to apply: