Workplace Running

Ever thought of creating a workplace running group? If so, run wales is here to help!

We all know that by making small increases in our activity levels we can avoid some of the crucial issues affecting us in today’s sedentary way of living. Incorporating running in the workplace for example, where employees spend an average of 42hrs a week, can only result in one thing; A healthier, happier and more active workforce.

So some of the benefits* of creating such an opportunity to the employer are;

Increase profitability and productivity
Reduce absenteeism costs
Reduce stress levels and improve morale
Develop and improve social interaction
Contribute to compliance with health and safety legislation
Create a positive corporate image to attract and retain high calibre employees.
And not only do we believe at Run Wales, that physical activity at workplace improves the health of the employer’s most valuable resource – the employees – it also improves the health of the business. To find out more about how to create a more active workplace through Run Wales, you can download our workplace resource pack here (to follow), in the meantime get in touch with us to further discuss.

Run Wales is working in partnership with Healthy Working Wales on this programme to ensure that employers, individuals and a range of health professionals work together to help working age people in Wales to stay fit and healthy so they can remain in employment, or return to work following a period of ill health. Find out more about Healthy Working Wales.

Visit the website: www.healthyworkingwales.wales.nhs.uk