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(06/03/2017) - Approaching 40, it’s easy to think that I’m going to have to constantly justify why these adventures and challenges are taking place now, with children and responsibilities still abundant at home, no steady job, one career already behind me, when many organisations and initiatives appear to want to focus on supporting only those trying to … Continue reading "If we talk women, sport and media, will you run a mile?"
(03/03/2017) - One Wednesday morning in September I set out to squeeze a short, hilly run into my schedule before the start of the Tour of Britain on the top of town and the arrival of my mother for a day of family genealogy research. I ran up one of my usual steep climbs, just missed being … Continue reading "What if your GP could prescribe fresh air and exercise?"
(19/05/2016) - I’ll be upfront and admit it straight out: this is written after a long, tough, bleak, tear-jerker of-a-day. Emotions are running high. Feeling vulnerable and under a dark, drizzly cloud only lightly describes my current sentiment, 750 miles from my start point, and still 930 miles from the end.
(28/04/2016) - Starting April 2nd, for 42 days I will run from Land’s End to John O’Groats, and back again. Averaging approximately 40 miles per day, supported by different voluntary cyclists and support drivers each day, this will be on roads, paths and even across the West Highland Way, so there will be plenty of hills involved.
(15/03/2016) - One-in-four adults will experience a mental health problem within any given year. One-in-ten young people will experience a mental health problem. Nine-in-ten people with mental health problems experience stigma and discrimination.
(10/03/2016) - My name is Yvie Johnson, I am a 35-year old mother-of-3 in Denbigh (North Wales), a former police officer, illustrator, self-unemployed creative business owner, multi-discipline athlete and multipotentialite. And I run a lot.

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