Staying Safe During the Winter

It’s cold, it’s dark and it’s that time of year that us runners turn into creatures of the night!

The sun goes down and the streets plunge into darkness.... so, what do us runners do? Sit at home with a cup of coco? No chance! We put on our running gear and go for a run. But this time of year does have its disadvantages; trip hazards, low lighting, bad weather and a load of other dangers lurking in the shadows. Staying safe is the priority, so here are a few tips for running safely in the winter:

1. Make yourself seen. Wear bright coloured kit, wear a head touch, reflective bands or a high-vis running vest. Avoid wearing dark kit.

2. Plan your route. Try to keep to well-lit, populated areas (especially if your alone) when running in the night. Avoid routes with potholes or bad footing. Watch out for curbs and trip hazards.

3. Take a mobile phone with you. Essential in emergencies. Remember is can double up as a torch or GPS log. Just remember to charge the battery!

4. Wear the right kit! Winter running means cold running! Gloves, hat, thermal layer, wind proof coat etc. Wear more than you need as you can always tie a coat around your waist.

5. Take to the track for speed work! It’s well-lit, flat, safe and most tracks have changing facilities. Just remember to follow the local track etiquette to prevent accidents!

6. Run with a group or a friend. Join a local running group or ask a friend to run with you. Always tell someone when you are due home.

If your new to running and fancy joining a group have a look at the 'find a group' page on this website. It’s always more fun to run with others. It’s safer, you make new friends and can support each other through your running journey.

If you live in the Cardiff West area there’s a new group setting up. Take a look at the Facebook page

Happy and healthy running!

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