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Clwb Run wales


Clwb Run Wales is a virtual running club open to all adults of any age or ability. Designed for those who do not have the time for or access to a local affiliated running club but want to be part of a thriving community of like-minded runners. Clwb Run Wales members can take advantage of an exclusive package of benefits as well as an online community of runners and run leaders from across Wales. We are also a Welsh Athletics affiliated running club, so you will become an affiliated member and be able to run for the club at events across the UK.

Clwb Run Wales – your running club


By joining Clwb Run Wales you’ll get all the benefits of being part of a Running Club, plus a whole load more! Included in the annual £35 membership is:

  • A FREE Clwb Run Wales T-Shirt to run in  
  • Welsh Athletics affiliation (includes £10 off entry to the Cardiff Half Marathon and a £2 discount on race entry fees across a number of licenced road race events, reduced training costs and Welsh Athletics partner discounts)
  • Raffle entry for the London Marathon, Cardiff Half Marathon and Conwy Half Marathon
  • Early access and exclusive offers to Clwb Run Wales members
  • Clwb Run Wales members Facebook Group to connect with other members and receive the latest offers
  • Access to a team of Clwb Run Wales experts and coaches
  • Clwb Run Wales newsletter bringing you the latest news and offers directly to your inbox