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Please see the frequently asked questions about Clwb Run Wales below. If you don’t see the answer to your question please contact us via email:

I am already a member (of a running club), will I be issued another URN?

If you are a current member of an affiliated club you can join Clwb Run Wales as a second claim member. If you want to leave your existing club and become a first claim member of Clwb Run Wales you will need to go through the formal transfer process HERE or through the athletes portal HERE and pay the £10 fee associated with this. In all cases you can join through our online portal and our membership secretary will advise you accordingly. You will keep your current URN number. The fee remains £35 for all new Clwb Run Wales members.

If you are a member of a club through any of the other home nations and wish to join Clwb Run Wales, please get in touch for further advice at

What if I have been a member of another running club in the last 3 years (which has expired)?

You will still need to go through the transfer process. You will keep your existing URN number and all records will be maintained. You will need to complete the athlete’s transfer form however payment of the transfer fee will be covered by Clwb Run Wales as part of your first years payment. As such, just complete and submit the form and the membership secretary will manage the rest once the form is received.

What is the affiliation year?

The affiliation year for Clwb Run Wales is transitioning to fall in line with all Welsh Athletics affiliated clubs, this means that the affiliation period will start on 1st April and end on the 31st March. New members who register after 1st January will pay the annual fee but receive membership through until 31st March the following year (ie, up to 3 months free).

We are currently in the process of contacting all existing Clwb Run Wales members to inform them of the changes and what it means for their affiliation.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

How do I renew my membership?

You will receive an email prior to the expiry of your membership requesting you to inform us of any changes to your personal details and providing you with a payment link to renew for the following year.

How do I cancel my membership?

Please contact if you would like to cancel your membership at any time. Payments are non-refundable if you cancel mid-year or transfer to another club.

How do I get my free T-shirt? (New members)

New members are invited to order their Clwb Run Wales T-shirt via an online order form which is accessible after your registration has been received. A size guide is provided to help you choose the correct sizing. If you are a member of a Run Wales partner group there is an option to receive a bespoke Clwb Run Wales group T-shirt with your group’s branding.

How do I get access to the benefits?

Members of Clwb Run Wales can access all the benefits that come with Welsh Athletics affiliation. These benefits are detailed on the Welsh Athletics website. These will be regularly updated throughout the year. Member Benefits ( Run Wales will inform Clwb Run Wales members of all additional benefits via our private Facebook Group and Clwb Run Wales newsletter.

Can I race for Clwb Run Wales?

Once you are fully registered with Welsh Athletics you can enter races and events as a member of Clwb Run Wales. This can entitle you to reduced race entry fees on many events, and you should see Clwb Run Wales within affiliated club lists. We encourage all our runners to take part in their Clwb T-shirt and we love to see pictures of you wearing them!

If Clwb Run Wales is not displaying on an events list, please contact the organisers to update their information.

How / when do I get my Welsh Athletics membership details?

Once you join Clwb Run Wales, our membership secretary will register you with Welsh Athletics. If you are a new member or haven’t been affiliated to Welsh Athletics in the last 3 years you should be registered within 72 hours (holidays or weekends may extend this slightly). If you need to complete the athlete transfer process this may take slightly longer.

How can I get in touch with and speak to other Clwb members if they don’t live locally?

We’ve got a dedicated Facebook group for our Clwb Run Wales members, come and join in! Clwb Run Wales | Facebook