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Please see the frequently asked questions about Clwb Run Wales below. If you don’t see the answer to your question please contact us via email:

What if I am already a member of a running club?

Does this mean that I will have to resign?

Do I need to be a member of both?

I am already a club member, will I get a discount?

I am already a member, will I be issued another URN?

If you are a current member you can join Clwb Run Wales as a second claim member, or a social member in the case that you are already a second claim member. If you want to leave your existing club and become a first claim member for Clwb Run Wales you will need to go through the formal transfer process (HERE) or through the athletes portal (HERE) and pay the £10 fee associated with this. In all cases you can join through our online portal and our membership secretary will advise you accordingly. You will keep your current URN number. The fee remains £35 for all new Clwb Run Wales members.

What if I have been a member of another running club in the last 3 years (which has expired)?

You will still need to go through the transfer process. You will keep your existing URN number and all records will be maintained. You will need to complete the athlete’s transfer form (HERE) however payment will be covered by the Clwb as part of your first years payment. As such, just complete and submit the form and the membership secretary will manage the rest once the form is received.

How do I renew my membership?

What is the Affiliation year?

Your membership will automatically renew annually unless you let us know in advance of your year anniversary. Your annual affiliation runs for 1 year from your initial date of joining. So for example, if you join on 12th March, your membership will be due for renewal on 11th March of the following year.

How to I get my free vest / T-shirt?

Can I order additional clothing / another T-shirt?

As soon as you become a fully paid up member, you can view and order your free T-shirt. This is done through a member-exclusive link and there will be no cost to yourself. Members are only able to order 1 free T-shirt. Additional T-shirts can be ordered through the exclusive Clwb Run shop. The Clwb shop includes leisurewear, elite race vests, crop tops and T-shirts, all with the Clwb Run Wales branding.

How do I get access to the benefits?

How do I get access to the Clwb Run Wales website pages?

We have a whole website dedicated to Clwb members, which is accessed through a member only log-in. Here you will find lots of exclusive content, information, member forums and member benefits. As soon as you become a paid member you will be able to access the site directly.

Member benefits are all outlined in their own section of the website, which includes links to the benefits and how you can claim them. These will be regularly updated throughout the year. You will also receive regular emails outlining new benefits, giveaways, exclusive webinars and Clwb information.

Can I race for Clwb Run Wales?

How / when do I get my Welsh Athletics membership details?

Once you join Clwb Run Wales, our membership secretary will register you with Welsh Athletics. If you are a new member or haven’t been affiliated to Welsh Athletics in the last 3 years you should be registered within 72 hours (holidays or weekends may extend this slightly). If you have to complete the athlete transfer process this may take slightly longer.

Once you are fully registered with Welsh Athletics you can enter races and events as a member of Clwb Run Wales. This should entitle you to reduced race entry fees and you should see Clwb Run Wales within affiliated club lists. We encourage all our runners to take part in their Clwb Vest and we really want to see your pictures of you wearing them!

How can I get in touch with and speak to other Clwb members if they don’t live locally?

We’ve got a fantastic forum section within our website so you can communicate to all members, find members with similar interests, ask questions or even find those that do live locally so you can meet for a run. When you first become a member say “Hi” to everyone; we are a very friendly bunch!