2017 Goals

2017. A new year. A blank page.

The time when most of us make New Year's resolutions. To be honest I stopped making resolutions a few years ago, mainly because I had broken them by late January and then felt like a failure so threw them all out of the window.

So instead I make goals. Something to aim for. Something that doesn't really matter if I haven't made it by February. Something that inspires me to be better than I am right now.

I have made a few personal goals, mainly around spending quality time with my family and around living more sustainably, but I've also made a few running ones too.

2017 was going to be the year of my very first marathon but unfortunately, it's not going ahead now. I suppose I could sign up for another one but I kind of feel that I've been handed a Get Out of Jail Free card. Lol! I know! I'm a wimp!

My running goals therefore are centred around PB's.

1. Run 5k consistently under 30minutes (I have broken 30 minutes 3 times over 2 years so far)
2. Run 10k under an hour (my current PB is 1:04:35)
3. Run a Half Marathon under 2:30 (I have approx. 10 minutes to knock off here)

I'd like to think that these are achievable with the right training and the right mental attitude.

Any hints or tips gratefully received.