Age is just a number

We're all on a journey, we all run. Fast or slow, long or short, were all in this together. It's the encouraging part of running that I really like to concentrate on. I know just how much changing my lifestyle and becoming a runner helped me live a better life, and if I can pass this knowledge on to others that may be in a position to take up running, then that's the best thing I feel I could ever do! The process can be life changing in a great way.

I often take inspiration from the new runners and the slower runners finishing races way after I've crossed the line. These are the guys I truly admire as it takes guts and determination to race. Especially if you’re going to be out there a lot longer than most. I also admire and respect my competitors around the same pace as myself, but my admiration for the back of the pack is something very special. They dig deep to get around and they show true guts and determination.

With running, speed is sometimes irrelevant. True enough, there will only be one winner, one world record holder, one fastest man/woman on earth, and one gold medal winner. But when we look at speed and age comparisons things do change, well usually anyway. And typically as you get older speed is not what it’s necessarily all about.  Physically the body can't quite do what it could in younger years, so we slow down a bit, but we do this in good company – with our peers!

But there are exceptions to the rule!

The runners that are veterans, over 50 years old, and still running.  Here in Wales we've had some great veteran runners that are still beating the young guns – and this fills me with hope! Wales has some age category world record holders running with local running clubs such as Les Croupiers, and what an achievement that is. This does show that Wales has some excellent talent the other side of 50, and this spurs me on!

So what I see here is that age is just a number. You can start running at any age, continue with your running into an older age and still benefit from it.  It really is a sport that caters for all. So on that note…why not grab those trainers and give it a go?! It might just change your life altogether – we are never too old to try new things!

Be powerful..... be a runner!