Be bold for change they said to me
Which seemed easy for them with their slogan tops and skinny capris.

Be bold for change they shouted out
If only they understood, the self-loathing, the doubt

You see, I’m not a runner I whispered back
I’m wobbly and chubby and my legs are too fat

Even if I wanted, I just couldn’t
The odds are stacked against me and my man said I wouldn’t

But oh how to run with the wind in my face
My troubles behind me, my head an empty space

Be bold for change they tried again
If only I could, If only I said

Be bold for change they started to whisper
And as the leaves changed colour, I started to consider

Maybe, just maybe I could have a go
A jaunt, a plod, I’d definitely go slow

What if I just left my worried behind
And legged it through the door, one step at a time

I wondered what they would say?
How they’d react, to see that chubby girl running, no metaphorical weight on her back

Be bold for change I told myself
I could, I would, and I’d show himself

Be bold for change I shouted with glee!
What did I have to lose other than some of me?

So, I put on that Lycra and bounced out of the door
I embraced the breathlessness and the sweat that poured

Just like I said, one in front of the other
On step at a time, each one better

And before I knew it, I was there
Running and laughing with freedom to spare

So be bold for change, I’m telling you
It’s hands down, the best thing you’ll ever do.