Have a scream

Under cover of darkness I set out to run,

It can't be that hard, it might even be fun.

Couch to 5k was the goal I had set,

After just 30 seconds I was dripping with sweat.

Fun? This isn't fun and I uttered a curse,

The rate I was going I would be needing a hearse.

But slowly and surely I plodded along,

My feet got blisters and boy did I pong.

Many a time I wanted to stop

And after each session on the floor I would flip.

My heart would be racing, my chest it would scream,

But of running a half marathon I started to dream.

Was it possible? Had a gone mad?

Hell yes, they said, it will pass, it's a fad.

Couch to 5k over and still a slow plodder

I thought about parkrun but thought I'd be laughing fodder.

But I took the plunge and gave it a go,

Penallta my choice, I'll just take it slow.

The tail runner beside me I started with a walk

Then started to run and found I could still talk.

Last but one over the line, my challenge complete,

My chest it was screaming and, oh man, my feet.

I may have been slow but to me it was a win,

that lovely tail runner has become my twin.

I carried on plodding, slow and steady,

My first 10K looming, would I ever be ready?

At the back of the pack I found my pace

Only against myself was I having to race.

The hill at the end nearly caused me a stumble

Under my breath lots of curses did I mumble.

And there like an angel at the finish line

Was Siani swish looking quite fine.

She cheered me on and I started to run

Everything hurt especially my bum.

Medal in hand and banana to munch

I discovered these runners are a bloody lovely bunch.

Complete strangers giving me a pat on the back,

That can't be right, I thought, I was at the back of the pack.

I have since discovered the best place to be,

Is near the back, with people like me.

It's always quite scary at the start of a race

But it's not about others, just run at your pace.

I carried on plodding and before I could blink,

It was half marathon day, oh crap, did I think!

I finished that too and started to cry

Even more so when I saw twinnie nearby.

A sense of elation, a half marathon, me?

Then I started aching, I need a new knee!

And so, I discovered a runner I was

Still slow and steady but that's ok because

We can't all be fast,

It's ok to be last.

So, keep on with your plodding and you will go far,

The back of the pack is where all the great people are.

Yes, you will ache and your joints they will scream

But you will still be amazing so follow that dream.