How to launch a social running group by Hannah

1. Identify an area that has very little or no social running groups. You don’t want to step on anyone trainers before you begin. If there is already an established group/club contact them to see if you can work alongside. Reinforce the social aspect, the beginner aspect, the brand-new runner aspect!

2. Contact the local authority regarding what support they can give you.

3. Identify a place to launch the group. Somewhere that is happy to support and take some ownership of the group i.e. leisure centre etc.

4. Identify at least 2 leaders who are happy to take full responsibility of the group.

5. Meet these leaders, get them booked onto a course, discuss ideas etc. and give them as much responsibility as you can.

6. Decide on a launch format and date. By format, I mean whether it should be a meet and greet or a run, or a presentation etc. I’d highly recommend a meet and greet, after all, it’s less intimidating to walk in somewhere without wearing Lycra for the first time. Give yourself a month to do this.

7. Use social media to share the event of the launch. Use the local buy and sell pages etc. just get it out there as much as possible with your email address as a contact. (Use your email address so you don’t have to respond constantly on Facebook.)

8. Set up a Facebook group for your group. This is important for communications after the launch. Don’t worry about adding members in until the launch night.

9. Have the launch. Break down all barriers. Keep it informal and friendly and echo everything Run Wales represents.

10. Night 1! Keep it relaxed and enjoyable. Ensure you’ve got someone to lead and someone to tail. The tail runner being more important that a front runner, remember no one wants to get left behind on their first run.