I can do anything

My name is Kristina Williams and I am a 27 year old Welsh lady from beautiful North Wales.

For the past few years I have become a lot more aware of my body in terms of how it looks and how I feel inside physically and mentally. It wasn’t until 2015 when I decided that enough was enough and I was determined to do something about it and began working out four days a week to fitness videos. It was during this period that I began to see changes in myself, not only with my shape but also in my mind. This was the same feeling I gained when I began running by the end of 2015.

Initially, I began running with one of my brothers thanks to some encouragement from my older sister. I started off running around 1 mile if possible and each time slowly going that bit further or that bit quicker – at times without even realising I had done so. Overtime I began going out for a run on my own and my confidence grew along with my fitness. It was that sense of achievement everytime I’d finished that had me hooked.

I wouldn’t say that I was a particularly fast runner or that I tend to run that far as I usually aim for around 3 miles or so (5K). However, over time you begin to realise that your time or distance isn’t the main reason why you drag yourself out of the door into the (usually) cold or wet weather, but because running provides you with so much more than just a number. Running makes you feel amazing as your endorphins are released which give you that buzz for life and that feeling of ‘I can do anything’.

Therefore, I would say that running has definitely changed my outlook on health and fitness in such a positive way and I am so glad that I took that first step back in 2015, despite my fears.