It’s begun!

Marathon training has officially begun. Well if I’m honest it was supposed to start last week but I didn’t actually know lol! Excuses, excuses, I know!

I’m running this marathon with a friend. Mrs G ran London 2 years ago so is an expert in my eyes! She knows that I have a tendency to panic if I have too much pressure so she very graciously came up with a plan and has decided she will send it to me a month at a time and no more. Which means I can’t peek ahead! And cry at the thought of having to run silly amounts of miles. Problem is she sent it to me today and it was supposed to start last week! Oops!

Never mind.

I did actually run last week. Not much and not as much as the plan said I should but I had run. Go me!

The plan is based on running 3 times a week which is achievable for me. There’s no point having a plan asking me to run more than that as I just can’t fit it in. I have plenty of time til the marathon as it isn’t until October so starting now gives me a good chance of sticking to the plan.

I sat down this morning and under he guise of being productive I’ve added my training plan to my Bullet Journal (google if you’ve never heard of them. Or better still check out all the boards on Pinterest)

It looks so pretty!

The green is what the plan asks.
The purple is what I have done.
The grey is races I have booked.

Last week’s runs look a bit odd because I normally work in kms but the plan works in miles so I’ve converted what I ran last week. I will probably change the days around as Monday is normally my best day to run so I may do my longer runs then. Hubby works every other Saturday too so I won’t always be able to get out. I’m lucky enough to have a treadmill at home to help me complete my runs while I’m at home with no childcare.

I need to pull my finger out now though and actually complete the runs that are documented each week.

If anyone has any spare motivation please send some my way.

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