Men’s Health Day / Movember …. Grow the ‘Mo’ to be a bro!

It’s that time of year again when blokes grow their facial hair and have a bit of fun all in the name of spreading awareness of men’s health. Prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention are all areas that the Movember Foundation specialise in. Some men struggle with such issues and sometimes these subjects can be difficult to approach. Movember breaks down the social barrier and helps those in need whilst promoting healthy and active living.

There are plenty of ways to raise awareness and one of the most identifiable ways is by growing a tash or beard in November! Although I’ve never done this myself due to a huge dislike of facial hair lol, I do enjoy spotting the fancy beards and moustaches sported by others. The awareness brought by the Movember foundation is exceptional and the whole project is getting bigger and bigger every year. It’s a great thing to get involved with whether that’s growing your tash, taking up a Movember challenge or simply talking about the project. Raising awareness is key and sometimes talking or sharing experiences with others can really help those who may need to talk / listen. A familiar story or experience can really help people feel at ease and make them feel like they’re not the only one's going through hard times.

Simply put, here are some great ways to get involved;


*Grow your tash / beard and raises some money!*


*Take up a challenge. Get out and be active? Start a new exercise or sign up to the Mo run?*


*Host an event. A visit to the coffee house / a winter BBQ at home / a day at the pub! Get the boys out and create an event whatever that may be! You can raise some money at the same time - Cake sales, head shaving, anything that takes your fancy!*


*Take up the #MoveWales Run Wales '30 day move challenge'. A fun 30 days of activity and social opportunities.*




Whatever you choose to do for Men’s Health Day / Movember remember to have fun! Life is for living! There’s no better way to spend some free time then taking part in a physical activity of some sort. It's great for the body and also the mind and the social opportunities are endless. Maybe it’s time to dust off those running shoes?

Happy and healthy running!