Night time trail runs

With road running usually dominating my training it's been a refreshing change to start some off-road trail runs with my friend Jake.

He's a big fan of the off-road stuff and recently I've found out why.

With us both building back our fitness after time off from injuries and illness, we have both got stuck into our return... but this time, I’m mixing it up and including night time off-road running in my schedule! Yes, that's right... Night time running through the woods - the trails are pitch black, but honestly, it’s great fun!

With our head torches charged and trail shoes laced up we head off for a nice 5-mile loop around the woodland areas of my hometown Dinas Powys. Off-road is great fun, but doing so at night in the dark really is something special. It’s a real adventure!

I wouldn't recommend doing this type of running alone, but find a like-minded friend and give it a bash! Off-road offers some great benefits like softer ground underfoot, the lack of timed splits to worry about, some tasty hills to work the lungs as well as being a great strength builder. You don't get the usual sights of the countryside, but you get the stars and moonlight for company!

If you do fancy giving this unique type of running a try, follow these tip...

  • Carry a mobile phone for emergencies
  • Don't run alone
  • A good quality head torch and a backup touch are a must. Good off-road shoes should also be worn
  • Watch out for your footing as visibility is very poor
  • Watch out for low branches. As your concentrating on your feet so much the occasional low branch could catch you out
  • Keep the run short
  • If anything does go wrong, you won't be miles and miles from the warmth of safety
  • Wear your high vis kit

let me know how you get on!

Happy and healthy running