Running Inspirations

Happy new year runners!

I hope 2017 brings plenty of happy running your way! No injuries, lots of PB's and big smiles along the way.

I love running. I think running is the best thing in the world for keeping in shape and it brings out your competitive side too - whether against yourself, the clock or other runners, the challenges keep you focused and ready for more!

But what inspires you to run?

For me it's the sight of a new runner that really inspires me.
One of the reasons being I know how big a deal running in public can be for some people.

Everyone was (is) a new runner once. That nervous feeling of running in public …Will people laugh...? Will I get heckled...? Will I survive my first run…? Am I fit enough…?
Lots of thoughts go through your head in the beginning, but honestly - don't even think about it! It really is the best thing anyone could do. It’s good for the body, good for the mind, you can make new friends; get fit all whilst having fun!

Before Christmas I meet up with the other bloggers - it was very inspirational listening to other people's stories and it showed me just how powerful running can be. The stories of groups starting out with small numbers transforming into groups with 100's of members, the weight loss stories, the friendships stories. All of this reminded me just how great starting to run can be. Running really does changes people's lives for the better.

I'm sure there will be a whole new bunch of 'new runners' at this time of year with resolutions and new exercise routines. They might not realise it themselves but you runners that give me the greatest inspirations out of everyone. To all the new runners out there...You Rock!

I must also mention a lovely family run that took place over the festive season. With my sisters Madi's wedding coming up later this year, some family members are keen to lose a few pounds for the big day. My mum, sister and brother’s girlfriend (Kim) all decided to jog with me and my brother Warren around Cosmeston Lakes. It was a real family affair! We all had a lovely time and it’s these types of moments that make me love what running can offer! Big smiles and an impressive 5k completed by all and even more proof that running really can be enjoyed by everyone!
Ps- Keep it up guys!

Happy and healthy running!