Running while preggers

These days it's a lot more 'normal' to see a woman with a bump running free – as free as the wind blows.

Keeping active during pregnancy is now something that is hugely encouraged by health professionals, and I’m glad to be pregnant at a time where I can be confident in my own active decisions.

As a personal trainer currently studying exercise for ante natal and post-natal clients, I’m in a great position to put my learning into practice, which is great fun, however it was important (like it is for you) that I got the all clear from the midwife to carry on training. We are all different so getting the all clear based on your pregnancy and fitness is paramount.

The general benefits of staying active during pregnancy include;

  • The prevention of aches and pains
  • Easing constipation (oh the glamour)
  • Keeping stress and depression at bay
  • Reducing your likeliness of having a caesarean section
  • ‘Easier’ labour (we will see about this one!)

Knowing all this though, you may still wonder if it’s realistic to keep running at this crazy time…. So, I’ve done the ground work for you.

At just over 18 weeks pregnant with my first, here is how running has been for me;


I get scorchio a lot quicker than usual, which is quite uncomfortable, so when this happens I tend to take my run down to a walk.


Getting oxygen in is a lot more challenging. It isn’t recommended that you get ‘breathless’ while working out in this ‘condition’, so keep this in mind – if you can’t talk – start to walk.


Due to the above, my pace has taken a hit. I find the slower the pace the more comfortable I am. Remember – low impact exercise is what is advised so just take it slow.


Now that I've slowed down I've become a lot more sociable – winning! I love chatting with my run group on our Wednesday night sessions and have even found myself able to sing to keep them motivated “The hills are alive with the sound of music, ahh ahh ahh ahh”

Relaxed-er (not a technical term)

I don't have anything to prove. I'm not racing, I have no real goal, I simply want to keep moving for as long as I can - so it’s a more relaxing experience all round.

So all my pregnant ladies – are you still running? How are you finding it? I’d love to hear your experiences....