It’s the weekend, Diz is off on a 50th birthday to Scotland. He’s probably sat in a pub on his first pint right now as I type this…. and I’m in desperate need of a drink.

Diz wanted a dry January (well dry up until today at least!), so I’ve stuck at it with him, apart from a day out with my friends for our Christmas catch up as we didn’t manage to have one before Christmas (due to us all having ridiculous work schedules), so we went out on Friday 13th January instead, on an all-day gossip session in Christmas Jumpers! We did have a few looks and comments thrown at us in Brewhouse for wearing them… do we care? Pfffft! It was a much needed catch up for us all about our plans for 2017, new jobs, possible new jobs, life goals, some tears and a whole lot of belly laughs!

Anyway, the Englishman has jilted me for the Lads this weekend, plus he’s cleverly orchestrated the delivery of my new bedroom furniture for Saturday. So, looks like I’ll be screwdriver (sadly not the cocktail but I can assure you there will be some gin) and hammer in hand to put it all together. I’m also a bit gutted as Trainspotting 2 is being released this weekend and I sooooooo wanted to go and see it straight away, so will have to wait until we can go together, which won’t be next weekend as Six Nations starts (plus we are off to the Gin Festival in Bristol next weekend, if Carlsberg made weekends!!), rugby & GIN!!!!! I think we can safely say our ‘no drinking’ period will be over as of today!

My girls are all so motivated for 2017 and have set their goals… have I? No! *hangs head in shame*. So with this in mind, I am going to try leading by example. I've given myself a good talking to and a kick up the butt and yesterday I signed up for Merthyr Half, Cardiff half is on the list but I am missing Swansea half due to being in Florida, so in my wisdom I’ve stupidly talked myself into the ‘Swandia Half’. A half marathon in Florida. Seriously, why do I do this to myself? I think I’ve been inspired by Lee, one of my lovely Ladies who has gone to her second home in America for 3 months. She’s agreed to do the St. David’s Day 10k (in America) while us at Run Diva Run take part in it at home. I’ve promised to give Lee my 10k medal if she completes her 10k out there as her commitment to still going ahead is amazing, even though she physically can’t run with us…… that’s dedication to the cause!
I also need to get some trail running under my belt - watch this space. I still have to purchase my swimming costume so the lovely Diane can take me swimming (this is a fear I have to get over and quick!), so I can enter a triathlon! If I could find a swimming costume that doesn’t make me look like I have 4 bum cheeks, then I’m on it!

So in homage to Trainspotting 2 and after seeing all the trailers of Renton’s new drug of choice RUNNING! (running….. see the theme coming in here?), here’s my Runspotting (see what I did there) Choose Life list (This is where you have Iggy Pop’s intro to Lust for Life playing out in your head as you read the below list)……

A route
Your music
A pace
Chicken & veg over Dominos
Leggings that don’t chaffe
Running in all weathers
Deep heat
Toenail clippers (my feet bleed way too much when I run long distances)
Protein mug cakes over chocolate
Lip balm
A goal (or multiple goals)
Vegetarian omega 3 (cod liver oil is the work of the devil!)
Water over gin
Not to give up
To push your limits
Entering races
De-stressing (I’d have constant resting bitch face if I didn’t run!)