She laces her trainers and adjusts her cap,
She checks out her route and hopes that it’s flat.
The road it is calling, some time to herself,
She’s got to make her move, not get left on the shelf.

The weather is kind and the sun beams down
She sets off in earnest and tries not to frown.
The day’s problems reappear as she runs down the street,
And they start to disperse with every pound of her feet.

The further she runs, she is no longer as one,
She is strong, she is courageous, she is more than a mum.
She’s an athlete, a competitor, a runner with a plan,
She can do this, keep pushing…….this girl can.

Sweaty and panting, she is not going to stop,
She can see the hill in sight and is pushing for the top.
The hill is her nemesis and facing her mental block,
She grits her teeth and digs in, she is not going to flop.

She reaches the peak, cheers her own personal goal,
‘You can never do that’, she has always been told.
She has proved her point and beaten the hill,
She is tired but happy, she has been through the mill.

She turns back for home to celebrate her run tales,
This girl, she is awesome…..
This girl can RUN WALES.