The best laid plans…..

With Morocco looming I'm supposed to be completely focussed on getting so mountain miles in my legs. Twinnie had other ideas hence the Cardiff Bay 10K this weekend.

I'll be honest, I wasn't loving the thought. You know when life is trundling along nicely and then something comes along and ruins it? Yup, that was exactly what happened last week. For a nanosecond I thought about not going. But, as a lovely run wales blogger once told me, the days you feel you can't run are the days you really need to.

So, accompanied by the teenager and the visiting sibling off we set. Teenager and boyfriend set off to the Dr Who experience and sibling set off to the city centre it was just me. Luckily, in the running world you are never alone. I managed to catch up with the lovely Jayne, my partner from the Buff 10K, and Nitrogen Nick, who I'm sure must set off speed cameras when he runs. I even managed a quick natter with Hannah and Cat, who just ooze georgeousness and then twinnie arrived. Cue a few tears.

So, then the run started. The other lovely Beafitters trotted off so twinnie and I settled into our usual pace and had a good old moan. I think I started to develop sun stroke at this point as the sun was blazing. To my surprise, the teenager was waiting outside the DWE to cheer us on and my mood lifted straight away.

On we carried until we spotted a faller. If you ever want to see me run fast, put an injured person in front of me! Poor Sue had taken a tumble so enter medic Sara.... I told twinnie to carry on while I provided first aid to a cut finger. The lovely Sue felt well enough to walk to the first aid bods (got to love St Johns) so off we walked. Sue's running story was moving. If I ever manage to find her again, I'd love to share it. In that short walk to the medics we shared hopes, fears, joys and my eyes did water a bit. With Sue in the safe care of the lovely St John's, I set off again.

Running without twinnie was weird. But then, on my way across the barrage I spotted her coming towards me. I decided that my aim would be to catch her and finish together. Running like the wind, well maybe a gentle breeze, I hit the end of the barrage and felt surprisingly good. Some lovely man even shouted 'slow down your going too fast'! I think he may need to go to Specsavers but it was just what I needed. Twinnie was getting closer and eventually I caught her! Go me! My legs felt amazing and my spirits had lifted.

Alas, poor twinnie was not loving the run. More than once she has got me to the end of a run so this was the day to return the favour. I wasn't going to break any records but, even if I was, a friend in need is more important. We did the whole walk/run method and she was treated to my rendition of 'break my stride' and 'let's get physical' along with a few poor spectators.

We made it to the end which was all that mattered. The boss and lovely Beafitters cheered us over the line. I bloody love each and every one of them. They are all much speedier than me but, instead of going home or partaking in a cheeky beverage, they wait for me every time. Their support is unwavering and is worth my weight in gold. Even better, the teenager was there. She's never been with me before on race days and, I will admit, I got quite teary seeing her give me a good old cheer.

Cardiff Bay 10K has reignited my passion for running. Mountains will always be my first love but I'm, not so secretly, looking forward to becoming a regular runner again.