Toilets Issues!

So, we all run. We all enjoy it. However, we all know running can bring on a sudden urge to 'go to the loo' - even Paula Radcliffe got caught short!

A visit to the toilet is a pre-race necessary and MUST be done. There's no pain like 'that pain' when your stranded a few miles from the safety of a toilet. Those last few miles are a whole different kind of pain. That's why the pre-race toilet stop ritual is an absolute must, but it does come with some health hazards.

There's nothing quite like the stinky stench of a single cubicle at a race meet, especially when your last in a long cue!

Let’s look at some ways of making it slightly more comfortable for ourselves....

1. Use the loo at home! Especially handy if you live close to the race start.

2. Bring your own loo roll! This has to be the biggest tip I can give. Its saved me many times in the past! A runner in need of loo roll minutes before the gun is a panicking mess and may kill for that last sheet so beware. Prep well and bring your own (quilted if your posh!)

3. Find a bigger toilet with more cubicles! Not always possible though.

4. Bring a peg for your nose! Or scrunch some loo roll up your nose if the smell is really bad and you forgot your peg.

5. Look for a nearby shop or pub. Usually a good option, just remember to say thanks. Try to visit the same place after the race to pay the favour back by buying something.

6. Bring hand sanitizer.

7. Find out where the toilets are at the race venue beforehand.

8. If at a large race with lots of portaloos, walk past the first few and look for a shorter cue. People love to cue and the first portaloos in sight usually have the biggest cues!

I hope these tips help!

It always amazes me that large races with hundreds of runners sometimes have so little toilets - it’s a pet hate of mine!

Anyway, you found the toilet, you queued and successfully took your turn. Just remember.... Make sure to give a polite smile to the next person in line when exiting the cubicle. Pull a face that suggests the horrible smell was the previous user and nothing to do with you!

You gotta love the pre-race rituals of a runner! Ha ha!

Happy and healthy (stomach cramp free) running!