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Monmouth Rock up and Run

Summary of Group:

Monmouth Rock up and run is a social running group. We started in March 2018 with 4 members and have grown considerably. We have run 2 C25K courses (pre covid) which were successful with over 60 people graduating. We are planning another C25K autumn 2022.

We are a social group with no fees and no barriers, our oldest member is 86! We have all shapes and sizes of runners. Pace, time, speed does not matter, what matters to us is getting people off their sofas, out of their houses and exercising in a supportive and safe environment. Monmouth Rock up and Run brings people together and helps build strong relationships in and across communities in our town and surrounding area. We meet every Wednesday at 6.30 pm on Monnow Bridge, 3 groups go out every week: walk/run, run/walk and run groups.

This group is linked to a Welsh Athletics Running Club: Clwb Run Wales


Day: Wednesday Time: 18:30 Level: Mixed Ability
Location: Monnow Bridge Cost: Free
Activity: Group Run Gender: Mixed
Wednesday at 6.30 pm on Monnow Bridge. 3 groups go out every week: 40 - 60 mins
1- walk/run - Jeffing 30/30
2 - run/walk - Jeffing 60/30
3 - run


  • A yearly C25K course
  • London Marathon training group and a Cardiff Half training group
  • Twice a year a social event
  • Games night (tag, relays, egg and spoon race, a proper old school games evening)
  • Quiz/treasure hunt twice a year
  • We are a very social group!


Kirsty Jones, Run Leader and Founder
Lisa James, Run Leader and Founder
Michael Igoe, Run Leader and Admin
Nicola Horsefield, Run Leader
Simon Jones, Run Leader
Ruth McCarrol, Run Leader
Sue Drybrugh, Run Leader
Sally Walker Evans, Run Leader
Liesel Townley, Run Leader
Georgina Howels, Run Leader
Catherine Ashby, Run Leader
Michelle Reynolds, Run Leader
Michelle Davis, Run Leader
Claire Despontin, Run Leader
Tony Hardy, Run Leader
Lee James, Run Leader