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Roath Park Runners

Summary of Group:

Roath Park Runners is a community running group set up by a group of runners who like to run around Roath Park in Cardiff.

We have regular group sessions - 5K Run and Walk on a Wednesday Evening at 6pm and a 5K/10K, longer run and Walk Sunday Morning at 9am.

All our sessions are free to join and we support all participants wherever they are on their own running journey.

We use our Facebook page to interact with the local community and to promote local fitness related business, charities you're running for and races (please see rules on Facebook page).




Day: Wednesday               Time: 18:00              Level: Beginner
Location: Roath Community Centre, Recreation Ground               Cost: Free
Activity: 5K Social Run and Walk          Gender: Mixed
Our weekly 5K run and walk around Roath Park Cardiff. Suitable for all abilities


Day: Sunday               Time: 09:00              Level: Mixed Ability
Location: Roath Community Centre, Recreation Ground               Cost: Free
Activity: Sunday Run and Walk          Gender: Mixed
A 5k Walk and 5K run around Roath Park. We also have longer runs at this session, 10K and 10 mile



During the year we also offer Couch to 5k normally January, April and October (this is subject to change).


Gareth Aitken, Group Leader
Nic Clarke, Leader in Running Fitness
I took up running during the pandemic and progressed from C25K to 10k and then on to half and full marathons. Whilst still a new runner, I have been a Race organiser and Director for more years than I care to think about.
Lucy Gordon, Leader in Running Fitness
Jack Gordon, Leader in Running Fitness
Marianne Jenkins, Leader
Cath Lloyd, Walk Leader