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LED BY: Emma Harris

Summary of Group:

We are a social running group based in Grangetown, Cardiff. Suitable for all abilities. We love nothing more than getting to know our runners whilst enjoying the great routes around Grangetown, Cardiff and Cardiff Bay. We are regulars at our local parkrun and we will even help you run your first if you've never been before. We enjoy the cake after parkrun even more than the run itself! We'll support you with any races or events that you sign up for and you'll find we're easily persuaded to sign up as well. Whether you've never run before, run ultra marathons or fancy yourself as an elite, we'll help and support you to reach your goals all whilst you're surrounded by the friendliest faces in running!



Day: Tuesday Time: 18:30 Level: Mixed Ability
Location: Channel View Leisure Centre, Grangetown Cost: £1 per week
Activity: Tuesday skills Gender: Mixed
Tuesday sessions will often incorporate hills/speed/form with a varied and rotating range of activities, from hill sprints to pyramids. Nobody is left behind and all activities will be suitable for all abilities. At your own speed, in your own team, we aim to keep everyone focused on


Day: Thursday Time: 18:30 Level: Mixed Ability
Location: Channel View Leisure Centre, Grangetown Cost: £1 per week
Activity: Thursday Social Run Gender: Mixed
Thursday sessions are a social run, often an out and back, with loop backs to ensure all of the group are together and nobody is left behind. Runners are encouraged to enjoy chatting to each other and getting to know others in the group.



We meet twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) at 6:30pm. Tuesdays are a skills session and Thursdays a social run, more suitable for beginners or those returning to running after injury. We'll help you if you're coming back from injury and our sessions will always make sure you're safe. We have a number of qualified run leaders from different backgrounds and with different running goals, so there'll always be an activity that you'll enjoy. We might do some hills or some speedwork or we might just go for a gentle, social run and have a chat. If you're training for something then we'll make sure that you know how to look after yourself, train properly and recover well.


Dafydd Trystan Davies,  Run Leader (LiRF)
I am one of the founding members of the club and am passionate about social running, having been the first Chair of Run Wales, a founder of the Big Social Run and now a board member of Sports Wales. I'm a qualified guide runner for visually impaired runners. I'm registrar of Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol and chair the Active Travel Board for Wales. I am also Chair of Governors at Ysgol Hamadryad and a Director of the award winning social enterprise TooGoodtoWaste.


Richard Carr,  Run Leader (LiRF)
 A recreational runner since 2009, I try my hand at most distances and terrains. From a leisurely parkrun all the way to trail marathons, my particular favourite being middle-distance fell runs. For the past 5 years I've run and run-lead regularly with my local, social run group 'Run Grangetown'.


Rhodd Hughes,  Run Leader (LiRF)
Ben Chance,  Run Leader (LiRF)
I believe that running can significantly improve mental health, self-confidence and relieve stress. I am a proud member of Run Grangetown, where all abilities are welcomed. I take part in Cardiff Half every year and enjoy the R4W 10k series!


Lowri Shorrock,  Run Leader (LiRF)
After years of running solo for sanity, I discovered the joys of social running through a chance encounter with Run Grangetown and haven't looked back. Within a year I qualified as a Run Leader, having become completely converted to social running and determined to share that experience. I have subsequently developed a love of trail running, and have run my first marathon and ultra marathon, all with fellow Run Grangetown members. I'm  working hard to convince the rest of the group that running downhill in the mud is the pinnacle of running joy.


Moseem Suleman,  Run Leader (LiRF)
I started running in 2016, inspired by the Cardiff Half. I was one of the original Run Grangetown members and this is where my love for running grew. To be part of a community and able to enjoy my runs with great people. Since then I've qualified as a run leader and taken part in several races. It helps keep me physically and mentally healthy. I can't imagine my life without running!


Lauren Williams,  Run Leader (LiRF)
Emma Harris,  Run Leader (LiRF)
A  trail runner stuck in the city. I love nothing more than being in the hills or along the coast and running a challenging route. I am a big fan of parkrun and love attending my local at Grangemoor. The cake is an added bonus!  I've run an ultra but my favourite distance is the half marathon. My favourite races are Eryri Marathon and Merthyr Half. My weirdest race was Man v Horse. My favourite sessions to lead are hills or an out and back. I might sneak in a beep test too!


Nilushi Perera,  Run Leader (LiRF)
I am a run leader and mostly run around Cardiff, having lived here for 10 years. I am always keen to try somewhere new! I've done parkrun, a marathon and am looking forward to my next challenge!


Neil Cocker, Completing LiRF qualification
I believe in the power of running to help people live happier, healthier lives. I am a member of Run Grangetown, which I firmly believe is the friendliest, greatest running club on the planet. I have recently got into running ultra marathon distances and love and hate this decision in equal measure.