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Dash ‘Dolig Delights all with Festive Fun in North Wales

As we hurtle towards Christmas, the Welsh Athletics and Run Wales team in the north got together to celebrate the season by hosting a family friendly Dash ‘Dolig and Festive 5k in Anglesey.

Lovely Santa medals were the icing on the Christmas cake for a fun-filled morning of festive cheer, time spent in nature with friends and family, and there were even mince pies and chocolates half-way along the 5k route courtesy of Clwb Run Wales partner group, the Môn Milers!

Read Run Wales Team Member & Event Co-Organiser Josie’s Report below:

In the spirit of holiday cheer and community camaraderie, Welsh Athletics and Run Wales joined forces to organise a delightful morning of fun running in Llangefni. On what could optimistically be described as a ‘breezy and damp’ Sunday morning, approximately 100 participants of all ages and fitness levels gathered to take part in two distance events, spreading festive joy and embracing the true meaning of the season.

The day kicked off with the ‘Festive 5k,’ a lively event that attracted families, friends, and individuals eager to walk, jog, or run through the picturesque route of the Nant y Pandy parkrun.

What made this run even more special was the abundance of Christmas spirit, as participants donned creative and festive costumes, adding a vibrant splash of colour to the landscape.

Among the participants were representatives from local social running groups, including Môn Milers, Canicross Anglesey, and Betsi Runaways.

The event also drew interest from wider running communities, with enthusiastic members of the Army Triathlon and Red Rose Road Runners joining the festive fray. Regulars from the Nant y Pandy parkrun community were also present, contributing to the event’s inclusive and joyful atmosphere.

As participants reached the halfway point, they were greeted by a heartwarming Christmas-themed ‘Aid Station’ hosted by the Môn Milers Social Running Group. As runners looped around the slightly wind-battered Christmas tree marking the turn-around point, they were encouraged to pause and revel in the festive cheer, indulge in mince pies and chocolate treats, and share in the joy of the season. This impromptu ‘seasonal snack stop’ served as a perfect interlude, allowing everyone to recharge before completing the remaining part of the run.

Adding an extra dash of fun, the youngest participants then embarked on the 1-mile Dash ‘Dolig.  Winding through the enchanting Nant y Pandy Nature Reserve, this segment featured wrapped gifts, cheering marshals, and even reported sightings of red squirrels, creating an unforgettable experience for the young runners.

Unlike traditional races, these Christmas events weren’t timed.  The primary emphasis was on fostering a sense of enjoyment, bringing people together, and celebrating the benefits of outdoor activity during the holiday season. Fabulous fancy dress costumes and captivating photos captured the essence of a morning filled with festive merriment and shared joy.

Among the delighted participants of the Festive 5k was a family who shared their heartfelt thoughts on the event:

“It was heartwarming seeing the effort that everyone had gone to make it such a nice event. We know a lot of effort goes into these things and just wanted you to know we had a really lovely morning, and love the medals 🥰.”

This sentiment encapsulates the essence of the Christmas Fun Run in Llangefni – a community coming together to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

The success of the event was made possible by the dedicated volunteers from the social running community, including those who regularly contribute to parkrun events.

Their enthusiasm and commitment ensured that every participant felt supported and encouraged throughout the run, enhancing the overall sense of community spirit.

In the true spirit of Christmas, this Welsh Athletics and Run Wales event proved to be a resounding success for social running in the local community.  From the lively Festive 5k to the charming Dash Dolig, participants revelled in the joy of the season, surrounded by like-minded individuals and stunning natural scenery.  As the event came to a close, the resounding sentiment was one of pure happiness and the shared spirit of community, making it a memorable and heartwarming start to the festive season.

Merry Christmas to all! Nadolig Llawen i chi gyd.

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