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Free coaching resources for leaders

As a leader you may already be using platforms and tools to aid your development or practices. To support all our licensed leaders during this difficult period we would like to offer you free access to Athletics365 XL resources. These tools may help give you new ideas or help to build your running knowledge.

Also, If you are keen to progress with some informal coach development during this period of inactivity, why not take our 30 day run leader challenge, which is full of resources and good ideas to progress your run leading.

Finally, why not go the platform. This is an online resource for athletics coaches in the UK and the website was launched with the coach in mind – a one-stop shop for you to access information about coaching with both written and video content for all levels of coaching and events groups.

Downloading and Accessing the App and content

Step 1: Download the Athletics 365 App to your smartphone or tablet from either Google Play Store or Apple Store:

Step 2: Log into the App to access Athletics 365 XL Bundle for Free Once the App is downloaded, open the app and click on the Login Button in the top righthand corner. Now simply log in using your username and password as shown below.

Username: Your Email Address 

Password: Your URN Number (found on your coaching card) 

Please note you can download the Athletics 365 XL Coaches bundle to two devices (e.g. an iPhone or iPad or tablet, etc.). The apps are only for Tablets and Smartphones and only work off either an Apple (IOS) or Android based device.

These login details will allow you to access the Athletics 365 XL Bundle content of the App.  If you do not log into the App you will not be able to access this content and will be prompted to pay for this additional content. Anyone possessing a Username and Password will not need to purchase the Athletics 365 XL Bundle content. Please note that these login details will not allow you to access other 365 in-app purchases, such as the ‘Coaches Bundle’ or Games Card Bundles, unless you have been given access to this content previously.

Watch the video on how to Download and Access the Athletics 365 XL Resources.

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