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Friday Focus – Just Run Penybont beginners share their stories

If you’ve recently joined a group and are struggling as the nights draw in to keep you motivation going. Or are still umming and ahhing about taking your First Steps to starting your running journey.

Have a read of these fantastic testimonials from Just Run Penybont’s summer beginners group.

I returned to running to improve my fitness levels and help mitigate long term health concerns. I also wanted to set a positive example to my daughters and teach them that we shouldn’t give up when things get difficult.
I joined the beginners group with a friend and my Mum to ensure I had accountability and would be more likely to achieve my first goal of completing a 5k. Even though my friend and Mum had to stop due to injury, everyone in the group is so welcoming and positive that I felt supported to continue.
I’ve a family and work full-time so running is my chance to do something for me without feeling guilty.

I started beginners group last year after piling weight on during the lethal combination of lockdown, home schooling and working from home! Despite everyone being lovely I dropped out after about three weeks and felt terrible about it. When I saw the post for beginners group starting again this year I was determined to do it again and NOT give in. Straight away our group of new starters was the network of support I needed and every week as the runs got harder the group got stronger. It’s great cheering each other on and having people there to talk you through the tough runs. I look forward to my hour out of the house each time with some adult conversation – albeit between huffs and puffs!

For me it was about finding something for myself outside of work something that I enjoy and would benefit my mental and physical health. I’m turning 30 soon and really don’t want to be unfit forever, I feel like I have found something I really enjoy and is sustainable. It’s been great to have been welcomed by everyone and I look forward to ours run every week.

I initially started running because I thought it would be a good way to get fit, loose weight and tone up. The beginners group was the perfect introduction to running. It was also a great way to meet new people and make friends. Running now is a great way to keep up my fitness levels and achieve goals. Its definitely mind over matter and gives me an amazing feeling of accomplishment. x

I would often see the group running and find myself wishing it was me, but never quite believed I could. After some health issues I wanted to improve my overall fitness and muscle tone. While browsing through Facebook one day I came across the group advertising the beginners class. I booked my place thinking it’s now or never, and I’m so glad I did. Coming to the first group meeting alone I remember being so nervous, but everyone was so friendly. The sense of achievement you feel after finishing a run is exhilarating. We have all been on this journey together and now I am proud to have completed the beginners class alongside people I consider to be friends.

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