National Running Awards

We've been nominated!

This year marks the 1st year for Run Wales to be nominated for an award, especially one that is held on a national stage. We are very excited and a bit taken aback by the nomination, which came from one of our wonderful Run Champions, who decided that we need to shout a bit louder about the work we do! Thank you Lauren for putting us forward.

As you may already be aware, Run Wales is Welsh Athletics' social running programme and has the vision of inspiring, supporting, and engaging with the wider running community in Wales by getting adults across the country moving through jogging and running.

Currently, running as a social activity is going through an unprecedented period of growth across Wales and the UK. The Since 2009 the increase in the number of runners in Wales has risen from 6.9% to 16% in 2016 (according to the Active Adult Survey). But not only is running becoming more popular among adults, running and jogging was listed as the number one activity outside of school for young people in 2015, with an average of 54.86% participating. More so the results revealed that female participation (57.56%) was higher than male participation (52.27%) in this activity.

Since Run Wales was established back in 2015 we have a lot to celebrate! We have;

  • over 80 social running groups register on our platform
  • supported 164 Run Leaders become qualified in LIRF
  • funded the establishment of 14 parkruns
  • 25% of registered groups with Run Wales are female only groups, with up to 60% of our members being Female
  • recruited 15 Run Champions who advocate the programmes in their communities (and some of them blog of course!)
  • created a 'How to set up a social running group' toolkit' - available here
  • created a 'Guide to workplace running' which includes a FREE taster session so that employers can see how easy it is set up workplace running opportunities- more info available here
  • a community of 6000 runners registered

and much more....

So there we go, a little shout our about some of our successes to date.

Which brings us back to the matter of the AWARD!! We have been nominated for Online Community of the Year, which is fantastic, as we pride ourselves on offering both virtual and physical support to all our groups, members and community. At Run Wales we are very passionate about social running and it's benefits, and support everyone in Wales to get active through running. Therefore if this award can raise Run Wales' profile, give us the opportunity to give you more and reach more, along with becoming the first port of call for social running opportunities then we'd be truly happy!

Been inspired by us? Follow this link to cast your vote...


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