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Severn Bridge parkrun 

This week's parkrun of the week is the Severn Bridge parkrun which takes place at 9a.m every Saturday morning at Severn Bridge, (Caerwent Lane) Chepstow. The Severn Bridge parkrun is different to most other parkruns across the UK in that you get to run in two different countries and three different counties within the 5km route!

Launched only two weeks ago, the Severn Bridge parkrun has already hosted 462 runners from 87 different running clubs. The 5km run starts on the welsh side of the Severn Bridge, in Chepstow (Monmouthshire) before runners cross the bridge into England, entering the counties of Gloucestershire and Avon before returning to Wales for the finish.

The inaugural Severn Bridge parkrun saw over 250 parkrunners make their debut at the new event, crossing over the landmark suspension bridge which crosses the Rivers Wye and Severn. The route offers runners the opportunity to take in the breathtaking scenery of Wales and England either side of the Severn Estuary, and is run entirely on concrete paths. After every parkrun on a Saturday morning, volunteers, parkrunners and spectators grab a post-run coffee at Thornwell Football Club.

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