#WhyIRun: Derek ‘the weather’ Brockway

When did you start/return to running?

"I used to go for a run when I was younger but then I would fall out of the habit and stop. I recently started running again encouraged by Sue Charles who regularly does the parkrun in Cardiff."

What motivates you to keep getting out there?

There are many distractions in life but it’s important to make time for exercise. I find running benefits me both physically and mentally. It’s a good way of relieving stress, especially after a busy day in the weather office! Edward Brown who is a keen park runner has lost a huge amount of weight. Running has transformed his life. He is a big inspiration for me to keep running and get fitter.

What do you enjoy most about running?

It’s good to get out, go for a run and get some fresh air and exercise. I find the parkrun very sociable and fun. I’ve met some lovely people and we go for a coffee afterwards! It’s a great way to start the weekend!

What goals have you set yourself this year?

To do more parkruns as often as I can. I’ve also signed up to do my first 10K in August. I doubt I will ever run a marathon but maybe a half marathon. It’s good to set yourself a challenge!

What would you say to someone thinking of trying running for the first time?

Start off gently and don’t expect too much of yourself. It can be hard and it’s easy to find an excuse not to go for a run but stick at it and you will soon feel the benefits.

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