#WhyIRun – It makes me a better person

In our latest feature on #WhyIRun, we hear from Kara who tells us about how running has a positive impact on her life.

"Why do I run? There isn’t just one reason, there’s many. But while there are many reasons that I put on my trainers and get out there I can’t quite explain it, other than to say it’s a need within me. Admittedly a need that I didn’t discover until the end of April this year, but now that it’s there I can’t help wondering where it’s been hiding all this time.

When I’m out running nothing else matters. I’m not Mam, not Miss, I’m barely even Kara. I’m just a woman who’s enjoying being free. Free from worry, lists, housework, LIFE!

As soon as I start putting one foot in front of the other my mind switches off from the outside world. All I’m thinking about is how much I’m achieving just by being there. How much better my mental state is. How much better I am as a person since finding running.

Many members of my family and friends have commented on the weight I’ve lost since I started my running journey, and of course that’s great. I feel great and it’s definitely a huge benefit, but I don’t want people to think that’s all it’s about for me. I’m fitter, stronger (both physically and mentally) and so much happier in my own skin.

I learn something new every time I run. Sometimes it’s a slight change in technique but more often than not it’s about my own ability. I started out doubting I could ever be a runner, but here I am; days away from running my second 10k race. All this within 4 months!

I’ve learned there’s a whole community of runners out there and they all have their own story to tell. There’s always someone who’s willing to give advice, share an experience or there to simply to say, “You’re not alone.” parkrun is a fine example of the running community - it doesn’t matter if it’s your first or fifty-first time, the support you get from everybody is amazing! I’d recommend it to anybody, whatever stage you’re at.

But, the most important thing I’ve learnt along the way is that when my head tells me I can’t, my body says I can. I am capable of so much more than what my head wants me to believe and running has helped me to see that."

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