Workplace Running – DVLA leading the way

As the New Year approaches, there's no better time to think about setting up a social running group within your workplace. Running groups within the workplace allow colleagues and staff members to meet up and exercise together on a regular basis, and provide an excellent opportunity for employees to escape the pressures of their work environments and clear their minds.

Workplace running groups are becoming increasingly popular with Run Wales, as we continue to strive towards providing as many opportunities for people to run, jog or walk as possible. Our featured Workplace Running group for December are the DVLA Group, based in Swansea. The group meet on a weekly basis and are led by Run Leader, Paul Rees.

Paul commented; "Our group is relatively small at the moment, but they're a really happy and enthusiastic group and love being out there running - even in the cold and the rain!" Whilst many of the group's members have different personal goals and aspirations, they're more than happy to come together and enjoy each other's company every week.

One of our members, Debbie, was following a C25k plan back in July and then ran the Cardiff 10k in September", said Paul. "About 2 months ago she signed up for a 10k trail run in Cardiff in mid December, so I wrote an eight week 10k plan for her, built around some Zumba classes that she attends; she’s on week 7 and that’s going well with her." Debbie added that joining the workplace running group has even helped inspire her husband to start running; "I've converted my husband from a couch potato into a couch to 5k runner!"

Other group members, like Hayley, simply join in with the group's weekly runs in order to keep fit and supplement her karate classes. Meanwhile, Marie, whose a member of local running club Run 4 All Neath has also recently joined the DVLA workplace group so that she's able to get an extra 30 minute run in every week.

The great work being done by group leader Paul proves that no matter how big or small the group may be in terms of numbers, workplace running is something that can be successful. The DVLA workplace running group has provided employees with an opportunity to meet up and exercise together, resulting in both individual and collective gains for its members.

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If you're interested in setting up a social running group within your workplace, contact one of our Run Activators for further information.

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