Run Wales

Why parkrun?

As I share my Strava posts online of my Parkrun on a Saturday morning I always wonder whether many of my Facebook friends really know what it is i’m sharing or why I’m even sharing it.

So for those curious and not so curious souls out there I have decided to write this post to clarify what it is and to perhaps encourage you to do the same.

parkrun is a weekly event where every man and his dog (literally) can either walk, jog or run a 5K (3 mile) route on a Saturday morning at 9am. Men, women, teenagers, children and dogs can participate and it is absolutely free! Many people run with their dogs next to them on a short lead and there are also mums and dads who take part by jogging/running with their babies in a pram (I am always amazed when this happens as they fly past me).

Penrhyn parkrun

There are two parkruns that I like to take part in around the North Wales area and these are Penrhyn parkrun and Conwy parkrun. Penrhyn parkrun is a lovely route around the grounds of Penrhyn castle in Bangor. Conwy parkrun is also a great route which starts at the RSPB Nature Reserve in Llandudno Junction and heads over the flyover towards Conwy castle and then turns right where you make your way along the riverside path towards Deganwy and then back to where you started.

Kristina Conwy parkrun
Conwy parkrun

I would definitely recommend taking part in a parkrun near you for a number of reasons;

• To take part in an event in your area which brings the community together.
• To encourage and teach yourself and those around you how important it is to keep active.
• To meet new people and to make new friends.
• To get fit and healthy.
• For social support from other walkers/joggers/runners who take part along with encouragement from the volunteers.
• To gain the feeling of being part of something positive.
• To boost your confidence whether it be by how well you can jog/run or perhaps by simply talking and meeting new people.
• To enjoy and appreciate the outdoors and your surrounding areas.
• For your physical and mental wellbeing.
• For the simple reason of trying something new and challenging yourself!

Now if none of these reasons motivate you, you could always volunteer as parkrun are always looking for volunteers to assist in every event. However, on the other hand if any of these reasons have inspired you to get moving then find your nearest parkrun and go and take part and enjoy your Saturday morning. Also if you too live in the North Wales area and you want to get involved please feel free to get in touch with me for whatever reason either by commenting on my blogs or messaging me through my Instagram page – kristinaholly9. I would be happy to join anyone wanting some company or wanting that bit of encouragement to get started. Either way I hope to see you there, I promise you you won’t regret trying!