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New groups encourage people to enjoy ‘5k Your Way’ at parkrun events in Wales

A support group with a difference is launching at three new locations across Wales this month!

People living with and beyond cancer are being encouraged to get active as part of the 5k Your Way, Move Against Cancer initiative that is expanding its reach to Anglesey, Brynaman and Pontypridd.  These new activities join groups already operating at 7 other Welsh parkrun events every month.

The 5k Your Way, Move Against Cancer groups invite those living with and beyond cancer, their families, friends and those working in cancer services to walk, jog, run, cheer or volunteer at their local parkrun event on the last Saturday of every month and then socialise over drink and cake in a local café.  

“In short, we are an active coffee morning combining fresh air, movement and socialising.  New members are welcomed whether walking, jogging, running, volunteering or just coming for a coffee and a chat.”

Physical activity has been shown to have a number of important benefits for people living with cancer.  It reduces cancer related fatigue, helps to preserve cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness and improves psychological well-being.  It may also reduce treatment side effects, reduce the risk of cancer recurrence and prolong survival.  However, despite these benefits, an NHS report found that only 23% of people living with cancer achieve the recommended 30 minutes of moderate activity 5 times per week.  The 5k Your Way, Move Against Cancer initiative, linked to parkrun, provides the opportunity to do this.

All 5k Your Way groups are run by volunteer ambassadors who have a combination of lived experience, knowledge of cancer services and support available in the locality, along with a strong desire to support people to improve their wellbeing through physical activity and social interaction.

“We are thrilled to be able to launch our 5K Your Way, Move Against Cancer group at Nant y Pandy parkrun, combining a national cancer support initiative with an international Feel Good Movement!  With the closest 5k Your Way group currently being in Prestatyn, we will be providing a valuable opportunity for people in Anglesey and Gwynedd to improve their wellbeing in a beautiful, local, and hugely supportive environment.”

Catrin Plews, Volunteer Ambassador at Nant y Pandy 5k Your Way Group

5k Your Way, Move Against Cancer is an initiative provided by MOVE Charity, which was founded by oncology consultant and 12 times ironman champion Lucy Gossage and Gemma Hillier-Moses, an International Runner who was diagnosed with cancer herself at the age of 24 in 2012.

There are currently 5K Your Way groups at 87 parkrun events across the UK and Ireland.  The new events at Nanty y Pandy, Brynaman and Pontypridd launching in Wales on 27th January, will bring the total number of Welsh groups up to 10, with ambitions to increase this number over the coming years.  

Friendships are being cemented, and a supportive community is being built.  The snowball has definitely begun to roll across Wales, as people see the value in creating a 5k Your Way Move Against Cancer group in their local community. A strong collaboration with parkrun and support from the wonderful community of parkrun volunteers is facilitating the growth, and the introduction of a 5k Your Way Ambassador for Wales means that new groups receive even more support and guidance as they get established in their local communities.

For those in the south, there is a promotional event this Saturday (20th January) at Swansea Bay parkrun, where there will be a great gathering of 5k Your Way ambassadors from across the region, all keen to spread the word, so feel free to go along and ask them questions!

Run Wales are huge supporters of the initiative, and already list a number of the Welsh groups on our Group Finder. We look forward to being able to signpost more people to this wonderful resource as more groups register with us.

Anyone interested in joining one of the established groups is encouraged to register with 5k Your Way and parkrun before meeting up at 08:45 on the last Saturday of every month at their chosen group.  

For further information about 5k Your Way and to find a location near you visit:

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