Getting my mojo back!

Sometimes it's easy to stop and then it's hard to get back again. I shouldn't make excuses but really…I've been on trips away and we moved house! So in all, I missed about three weeks of running and getting my mojo back has been my latest challenge!

So with all the goings on, there was no grand re-entry into my running – it was just this one Thursday when I decided to go for it, and not just a couple of miles either… I went for a big one…a 6 mile run (I've always been one for going in at the deep end) and while it was not the fastest, I really enjoyed it.

So fast forward to the Saturday and to my local parkrun where I ran my second best ever time with my fab friends in toe, all of whom ran their PB's too! So I’m thinking, there must be something in having a break, right?!

Anyway, I was on a roll and I’d got back to it big style. I did a very hilly run went to the inaugural Caldicot parkrun (I would highly recommend, it's a brill PB course) - again it wasn't my fastest run ever, but I totally enjoyed every minute of it, as did my friend Jo, who ran with me! And I went on a hike with my dad up Torpantu, a mountain with breath-taking views.

But getting back too it isn’t just about running. Over the weekend I also did some marshalling at the murder mile race (it's as bad as it sounds – honestly!), with my mates from Islwyn Running Club which is equally as satisfying as it gives others the chance to run.

For me, I've found running has opened so many door and opportunities!

So to summaries my blabbering’s, it may seem easy to stop and hard to get back, but trust me it's worth it! It makes you feel good whilst still having fun with you friends, and even though you may not be the fastest at any race (case in point... me) or smashing all your own PBs all the time – for me that's not what it's about! It’s about having fun, being happy, and taking part - be it running or volunteering. There is something for everyone to get involved!