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Môn Milers Social Running Group

Summary of Group:

Môn Milers is a friendly and supportive Social Running Group with members who enjoy running together in and around Anglesey. We are a community group, run entirely by volunteers, guided by our members and supported by our qualified Run Leaders and Coach.

We know what a positive impact running can have on your physical and mental health, so focus on bringing the joy of running through participation rather than competition! Most of our Run Leaders got into running as adults, so we also understand, first-hand, how daunting it can be to join a group and the challenges of sticking with it. We have 5kers and ultra-marathon runners amongst the team, so we'll be right there with you wherever you are on your running journey, supporting you wherever it takes you!

This group is linked to a Welsh Athletics Running Club: Clwb Run Wales



Day: Tuesday               Time: 6:45pm              Level: Mixed Ability
Location: Llangefni               Cost: £1
Activity: Skills & Drills Interval Training          Gender: Mixed
These coached sessions give you the opportunity to practice different elements of your running technique through a variety of training approaches, but are based on intervals of effort and recovery, so suitable for runners of all abilities and experience.

The focus is very much on practicing and improving your running form to reduce your chances of injury and help you run more efficiently (and therefore faster). Our Coaches will guide you through each element of the session and ensure that you work at a level of intensity that is suitable for you. You don't need to be 'fast' to benefit from these sessions!

Day: Wednesday               Time: 6am              Level: Mixed Ability
Location: Various - across Anglesey and Gwynedd               Cost: Free
Activity: Wednesday Wanderers Social Run          Gender: Mixed
This is a mid-week social run of between 3 and 5 miles at a gentle, chatty pace with plenty of stops to regroup and have a natter.  There is always a tail runner so no one is ever left behind.  The location and routes will vary from week to week, sometimes including some or all off-road trails.


Day: Thursday               Time: 7pm              Level: Mixed Ability
Location: Llangefni               Cost: Free
Activity: Thursday Threshold          Gender: Mixed
The Thursday Threshold Run is your opportunity to push yourself a little and aim for a continuous run of up to approximately 50 minutes.  The group is split into squads to allow for people to complete the the most appropriate route with others of a similar pace.   The routes reflect the runners who attend, but generally include a 6 mile route, a 4-5 mile and a shorter route up to about 3 miles which is suitable for those who are returning or new to running.


Day: Weekend               Time: Early              Level: Mixed Ability
Location: Various - across Anglesey and Gwynedd               Cost: Free
Activity: More Milers          Gender: Mixed
More Milers runs are aimed at Môn Milers who are looking to increase their distance.  Predominantly road-based, the focus of these runs is 'time on feet' and practicing long-run strategies, getting you used to going longer.  The routes are generally over 10 miles in distance.


Day: Sunday               Time: 8:15am              Level: Mixed Ability
Location: Various - across Anglesey and Gwynedd               Cost: Free
Activity: Sunday Social Trail Run          Gender: Mixed
Each weekend we try to find a new and interesting place to run as a group and enjoy and off-road adventure! The pace is generally easy, with lots of stops to chat, take in the scenery and take plenty of photos. The Run Leaders will always ensure that there is a back-marker and no-one will be left behind.



We have a passion for supporting new and returning runners so hold regular beginners courses to help people achieve their 5k goals, and then support them to integrate into other group activities so that they can continue their running journey whatever their aspirations may be. We also encourage members to participate in other activities and hold regular group hikes around the wonderful North Wales countryside.

A group of our members also enjoy a weekly early morning sea dip together at one of our local beaches as an informal activity for anyone who wants to join them.




Josie Rhisiart - Coach and Run Leader
Josie is one of the Môn Milers coaches, having started running through the Couch to 5k programme as an adult and discovered, most unexpectedly, that she enjoyed it and loved belonging to such a supportive community!  She progressed through various distances through to Anglesey's multi-day ultra marathon, the Ring 'O Fire, but retains her passion for encouraging new runners to find the joy in running.  Josie also established the Nant y Pandy parkrun event on Anglesey and, when she's not joining in with group runs, can often be found exploring new routes for the Mon Milers along with her dog, Lili.


Brian Corcoran - Coach and Run Leader
Sal Seeney - Run Leader
Fran Lewis - Run Leader
Geraint Roberts - Run Leader
Geraint is one of Môn Milers qualified Run Leaders. His running journey began in 2014 whilst in his early 40’s with an Anglesey Council Couch to 5k group. He started running as a means of keeping fit, mostly done solo with short runs of no more than 5km. Running alone meant he started losing his motivation and lacing up those trainers to go for a run was put on the back burner. Then in 2018 Nant y Pandy parkrun was set up and running for Geraint took on a whole new meaning. He discovered that there was a social, community-based side to running and he rather liked it. The formation of Môn Milers just before lockdown managed to keep Geraint motivated and inspired him into wanting to become a Run Leader. He has since carried on with his running journey, completing half, full marathons and a 50k Ultra distance. He now enjoys supporting and encouraging up and coming runners.


Helen Roberts - Run Leader
Helen started her running journey in 2014 when a friend introduced her to the Couch to 5k programme being run by Anglesey County Council. She eventually fell in love with running in 2018 when parkrun started at Nant y Pandy where she met Josie. Helen regularly volunteers at parkrun and is one of the Run Directors and will run the course when she can. Helen has gone on to do 10k and half marathon events and has completed the marathon distance at October RUNFEST in 2021. Helen decided to become a Run Leader for Môn Milers in December 2021 in order to support other members starting their running journeys and encourage others to follow their running goals.


Janice Davies - Run Leader
My name is Jan and I am a qualified Run Leader with Môn Milers. I consider myself to be very privileged to have been given the opportunity to do this qualification. I started running with Môn Milers approximately 4 years ago. Previous to this, I had done Race for Life on annual basis and had not run any further distances than this. By being encouraged and motivated by the Run Leaders at Môn Milers I began running longer distances, and also by regularly attending formal training sessions focusing on technique, my running style has improved no end and I feel that I am a stronger runner because of this and still learning about becoming stronger. I am able to use this knowledge as a Run Leader in order to assist and motivate members of the group.
If you are new to running or an experienced runner, join the team and benefit from being part of a successful social running group.
Sally Heywood - Run Leader
Angharad Rhisiart - Run Leader
Angharad started running 6 years ago when she accidentally said "yes" to the offer of joining a friend on a 5k charity run. She has since surprised herself by willingly running distances from 5k up to full marathon. Angharad's main motivation for running is her sheepdog and she loves running forest and coastal trails with him at the helm! She is a proud promoter of running with Type 1 diabetes.


Julia Ball - Run Leader
Julia started running after her best friends Dad passed away and, having been doing a little bit of running, they took part in the Great North Run together. Her love for running grew from that first race and has been her saviour for years to help keep her physically and mentally strong.  Julia is hugely encouraging to others to just have a go and absolutely loves it when they surprise themselves with their own ability.


Jane Winstone - Run Leader
Gwilym Jones - Run Leader
Paul Maitland - Run Leader
Adel Pritchard - Run Support
Stephen Bernasconi - Run Leader
Rebecca Davies - Run Leader
Caroline Knight - Run Leader
Stuart Jewell - Run Leader