Run Wales

Keeping your cool!

Let’s face it, Wales isn’t known for its long periods of intense heat, so at times like this, keeping up with your running can be a bit challenging at best, and dangerous at worst!

Do you know how to keep your cool when things are heating up outside?

We’ve taken some cues from Runners World to help you keep running safely through the warm weather:

  • Choose when you run to coincide with the cooler times of day
  • Dress appropriately for the heat and keep the colours light!
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen!
  • Be careful with alcohol and medication
  • Hydrate early and often
  • Adapt your sessions to allow for the heat and don’t push yourself
  • Try to stay in the shade, and away from built up areas which can trap the heat and reduce the breeze

If you are a Run Leader, you might want to change the timing of your sessions and adapt your session plans to allow for the impact of the weather. A little reminder to your members as to how they can take good care of themselves running in the heat will keep your group a little safer. It’s easy to forget to slap on the sunscreen and cover your head, or carry some extra water. Prevention is so much better than cure, so your reminder should be appreciated!

This Runners World article also has some guidance about preventing heat-related illness and treating heat induced ailments: Running in the Heat – How to Run in Hot, Humid Conditions