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What a star! – Lisa Whittaker’s Ultra Challenge for charity Mummy’s Star

Lisa Whittaker from Cardiff shared with us her fantastic Ultra Marathon effort around Roath Park Lake for a charity that’s very close to her heart . . .

In April 2017 I gave birth to beautiful twin boys. Five weeks later I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I was 33 years old.  To celebrate turning 37 I ran 37 laps of Roath Park Lake (44.4 miles). This was a huge challenge for me but I wanted to try and raise as much money as I could for Mummy’s Star.

I found Mummy’s Star shortly after I was diagnosed and I immediately felt less isolated and reassured. I have been incredibly lucky and after surgery to remove my tumour I needed no further treatment. After a very difficult time, I finally got to concentrate on being a Mum. 

Mummy’s Star were there for me and I want to help them support as many women and families as possible who are affected by cancer in or around pregnancy. 

Mummy’s Star is the only charity in the UK and Ireland dedicated to supporting pregnancy through cancer and beyond. Your donation means that women diagnosed with any cancer during pregnancy or within a year of a birth are able to reach Mummy’s Star and the specialised support they offer. They help families to meet others in a similar position, offer small grants to relieve some financial burden, give support to partners and the wider family, promote awareness and support research.

The run itself last Sunday was fantastic, a beautiful day and the support was amazing. I only ran 3 of the 37 laps by myself – I met so many people it was really brilliant and so far I’ve raised just over £3000 for Mummy’s Star. I also cannot believe I’ve ran my first ultra marathon in under 12 hours!”

Lisa you are such an inspiration! What a wonderful way to celebrate your Birthday and give back to an invaluable charity!

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